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  • FAA Compliant
  • Greater Efficiency in the Cockpit, Saving You Time and Money​
  • Improves the Accuracy of your Data
  • Meets the Requirements of Part 91, 135 and 121 Operators
  • Go Green! - Helping You Achieve a Truly Paperless Cockpit
  • Streamlined and Automated, Saving You Time
iLog Version 2.0 is Here!
We have been working on several enhancements to iLOG as a result of customer feedback, making it even easier to use. Version 2.0 is now available for download.  For those of you already using iLOG, an update will be available, free of charge, at the same time.

Check back often to see the latest regarding iLOG and how we are continually improving the app.  Do you have suggestions for improving iLOG?  We want to hear from you!  Contact Us.

Latest Enhancements
iLog is evolving and 15 new features are in the works! Features such as a mini maintenance report, prepopulating Out/Off/On/In times, and custom data fields screens are just a few things in the pipeline for the next revision.  

We are also incorporating an iCloud feature, allowing crews who operate multiple iPads to utilize iLog together while in and out of an airplane. 

Items that are being addresses, changed, or added:

  • iLog now tracks both time and cycles!
  • A MEL page added. User alerts for Cat A,B,C,D items based on hours and calendar. 
  • Mini report option added.  iLog automaticly sends user a time and cycle report after every trip and MEL write up. 
  • Instructions page-Send/export/print pdf to Goodreader, iBooks, etc
  • Single pilot-Allowing single pilot option
  • RVSM Option- User will be able to turn ON/OFF from settings
  • Prepopulate OUT/OFF/ON/IN times to industry standard of 1 hour show-1 hour go time
  • OUT/OFF/ON/IN times sync with PIC
  • Company name/Logo will now appear on iLog export
  • View/Edit iLog/ Export option of Previous Logs page
  • Export in both HTML and PDF
  • Denotation of deviation report on Previous Logs Page
  • Denotation of an open or previous MEL report on Previous Logs Page
  • Fix duty vs. flight time issue. Cannot have flight time exceed duty time.
  • Customize type of approaches on More data page
  • Add custom fields screen. User can track user defined data
  • Fix flight log number-Under certain circumstances, log number was not indexing from the first value.

Do you have suggestions or feedback to improve iLOG?  We want to hear from you!  Contact Us.
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