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Calculation Factors
  • Fuel Prices at up to 3 airports
  • Taxi Fuel
  • Reserve Fuel
  • Amount of Fuel to Tanker (tanker option)
  • Burn Rate 
  • Ramp Fees (optional)
  • Minumum Fuel Purchase to Waive Ramp Fee (optional)
Fuel Tankering Calculator
Now Available! iFuel is an easy to use calculator app for your iPad or iPhone, designed to save you money when fuel tankering is an option. Simply enter the variables and iFuel provides you with a definitive dollar savings for your specific aircraft and flight profile. iFuel gives you the ability to provide management with tangible cost savings and helps you substantiate the efficiency of your flight operation. Take the guesswork out of fuel tankering – purchase iFuel for your iPad or iPhone today! 
How it Works
Often, pilots will make an educated guess as to whether or not they should tanker fuel.  

Sometimes it is easy.  For example, let's say a pilot is flying from A to B and the fuel price at A is $5.00 and at B it is $7.50.  The mental math is easy and it is clear the pilot should tanker fuel if landing weights permit it.  

However, sometimes these "guesses" aren't so easy.  For instance, what if the fuel prices in the example above were $5.00 and $5.50 respectively and there is a ramp fee of $500 at point B, unless you purchase 200 gallons of fuel?  Furthermore, what if you don't really need fuel because you can fly to your next destination without it?  What should you do?

This is where many pilots will try to make an educated guess without really putting their pen to paper.  iFUEL makes fuel tankering decisions easy, helping your flight department potentially save thousands of dollars depending on your operation.  The app works for any type of aircraft, from a Citation, to a Hawker, to a Gulfstream, to a BBJ. So if you buy fuel and want to save your operation money - make iFUEL a must-have app on your Apple device.
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App Outputs
  • Trip Fuel Costs
  • Landing Fuel (tankering option)
  • Cost to Tanker, OR
  • Tanker Savings
  • Net Tanker Savings (after ramp fee)
iFuel Definitions

Cost to Tanker
  • Difference of Non-Tanker trip fuel burn vs. Tanker trip fuel burn.

Fuel to be Tankered
  •Landing Fuel minus reserve fuel adjusted to gallons.

Cost to Tanker
  •Tanker Fuel burn(lbs) minus Non-Tanker fuel burn, adjusted to gallons and departure fuel pricing.

Tanker Savings(before fee)
  •Tanker landing Fuel(lbs) minus reserve fuel (adjusted to gallons.) Further adjusted by the difference between departure fuel price & destination fuel price and factoring into account the Cost to Tanker value.

Take Minimum (if needed) value
  •Considers destination fuel price, next stop fuel price, and facility fee into a cost basis, thereby determining minimum fuel purchase quantity.